Art Therapy
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HST is included in the price.
Individual session. The length of the session typically depends on the age of the client and last 45-60 min. The first 30 - 45 minutes consultation is free of charge. We discuss the client's goals, the benefits of art therapy, the number of subsequent sessions, and insurance availability. A typical course of individual art therapy may include 5-8 sessions: 45-60 minutes once a week. If you take the approach, you’ll get a final artwork review and a written report if needed.
Group art therapy. Open for the general public who wants to improve social development and fight isolation to foster creativity and expression as a first step to positive changes. To build self-confidence and self-esteem to maintain an optimum level of wellness. The group session is for 4-6 people.The length of the session is two academic hours. You can come for a single session or sign up for six sessions.

Cancelation policy: For any booked session, a 24-hour notice is required. If information is not received, the client will be responsible for the total cost of the regular session. Consideration will be given in the event of emergency circumstances.
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